Supported Learning Courses FAQ

Is the Supported Learning course free? 

Our Level 1 Skills for Living & Level 2 Foundation Skills courses are free for students aged 16 years and over who have a learning disability and have no or low qualifications (An MSL Course & Careers Advisor can check this prior to students starting if necessary.)  

Our Level 3 Study & Career Preparation course is a fee paying course but students are able to apply for Fees Free Funding which would enable them to study for free (An MSL Course & Careers Advisor can checak this prior to students starting if necessary.)  

Can I get a student loan?

Yes. All of our programmes are NZQA approved. We can help you apply for a student loan for our Level 3 Study & Career Preparation course to cover the costs of your fees if you are not eligible for Fees Free Funding. 

Can I apply for a student allowance?

In most, if not all of our Supported Learning students are already receiving a Supported Living benefit or similar & unfortunately you cannot receive a benefit with Work & Income as well as a Studylink student allowance at the same time.

Do you offer online courses?

We pride ourselves on our hands-on supportive learning environment. Students learn to work on line whilst in class and in the case of a lockdown we use a blend of online activities, CANVAS, Google classroom and zoom so that students remain connected and supported.

My child is only 15; can I enrol my child in a course?

Yes, but you’ll need to get an early leaving exemption. This is approval from the Ministry of Education for your 15 year old to be exempt from enrolment at school. Talk to your child’s teacher or guidance counselor to see if this is a good option for your child. 

What are the course hours?

The course hours are 9am – 2:30pm, Monday to Thursday. Friday’s are catch up days, an opportunity for students who need extra help to come in and work with their tutor on anything they’re behind on.

How long are your Supported Learning courses?

Level 1 Skills For Living – 22 weeks 

Level 2 Foundation Skills – 21 weeks 

Level 3 Study & Career Preparation – 20 weeks 

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