Code of Practice Public Report

Welcome to MSL Training Ltd, a vibrant and inclusive educational institution based in South Auckland. We're committed to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for our students, ensuring their well-being, safety, and academic success.

Here's how we do it:

Purpose of the Code: The Code is all about supporting the well-being, safety, and achievement of all students. At MSL, we take this to heart. We hold weekly updates on student well-being and safety, actively monitoring and addressing any potential issues. Our proactive approach ensures that any concerns are addressed promptly, creating a safe and supportive environment for our students.

Application of the Code: The Code applies to all our students. We’ve put structures in place to support a whole-provider approach to learner well-being and safety. We also actively encourage student voices through regular student voice meetings and feedback loops, ensuring that our students feel heard and valued.

Well-being and Safety: At MSL, student well-being and safety are paramount. We have a well-implemented system for learner well-being and safety, and we actively monitor and address potential issues. We also maintain a student success register to provide targeted support to students who may need it. We conduct health and safety inductions for all students during orientation, ensuring everyone is familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures. Our campus is equipped with facilities that ensure easy navigation for students with physical disabilities. We offer support and physical resources to support accessibility for students with study online.

Student Support Services: We offer a range of student support services at MSL. Our dedicated student support team is always ready to provide academic assistance and pastoral care. We also provide a Wellbeing (Hauora) Toolkit for all students, empowering them to take control of their well-being. We plan various workshops for students and provide support services such as Youth Guarantee weekly travel allowance. We also refer students to external providers that help them with their needs such as chromebooks, Driver License, clothing, and food parcels.

At MSL, we embrace and celebrate our students’ unique cultural heritage through events like Language Weeks and Matariki celebrations. We care about our students’ health and well-being, offering workshops and resources to keep you feeling your best.

Information and Advice: We provide accurate and timely information to our students at MSL. We use a Student Management System (SELMA) to track student attendance, performance, and outcomes. We also have an active process for handling concerns, complaints and appeals, ensuring that issues are resolved in a culturally responsive way.

Managing and Monitoring: At MSL, we have a dedicated team and robust systems in place to manage and monitor our compliance with the Code. We regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure they are effective and aligned with the evolving needs of our students and our organisation. Importantly, we value student input and actively seek feedback from our students on any changes, ensuring that our approach remains student-centred and responsive to their needs.

Review and Improvement: We’re committed to continuous improvement at MSL. We regularly review our systems and processes to better support student well-being and achievement. We also use feedback from students to identify areas of strength and areas that may need improvement.

Complaints and Appeals: We have a fair and transparent process for dealing with student complaints and appeals at MSL. We maintain open communication and respect throughout the process, and we have a clear avenue for students to raise concerns if needed.

At MSL, we’re not just about education – we’re about nurturing a community of learners. We’re here to support you on your educational journey, every step of the way. We celebrate cultural diversity and host events that celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds of our students. We also plan fun activity sessions based on student requests. We’re here to ensure you feel safe, heard, and supported.

For more information about the Code check out NZQA Code for Learners page here

For Videos explaining the Code check out Know the Code here

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