Retail and Hospitality programmes FAQ

Is the course free?

Our retail and hospitality programmes are free for 16-18 year olds.
Our level 2 programmes are free for adults (aged 19 – 65+ who have no qualifications at this level or above).
Our supported learning programme is free for learners aged 16 and over.

Can I get a student loan?

Yes. All our programmes are NZQA approved. We can help you apply for a student loan to cover the costs of your fees.

Can I apply for a student allowance?

Yes. All our programmes are NZQA approved, so you can apply for a student allowance to assist with your living expenses while you’re studying.

Am I eligible to apply for course related costs?

Yes. If you’ve been approved for a Student Loan, you can claim course-related costs online in MyStudyLink. You’re eligible for a maximum of $1000 every 52 weeks, it doesn’t matter how many courses you’re studying during this time.

Do you offer online courses?

We pride ourselves on our hands-on supportive learning environment. The daily support you get from your interactions with your tutor and classmates can’t be recreated online.

My child is only 15, can I enrol my child in a course?

Yes, but you’ll need to get an early leaving exemption. This is approval from the Ministry of Education for your 15 year old to be exempt from enrolment at school. Talk to your child’s teacher or guidance counsellor to see if this is a good option for your child.

What are the course hours?

The course hours are 9am – 2pm, Monday to Thursday.
Friday’s are catch up days, an opportunity for students who need extra help to come in and work with their tutor on anything they’re behind on.

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