English Language Assessment

Text 3: English Learning Goals

Goals are things you want to do in the future. Perhaps your goals for the future are to find a good job or to study for a qualification. In order to do these things, first you will need to improve your English. How can you improve your English? One way to improve your English is
some plans. These plans are our goals for learning English.

Hussein (from Iran)

My goal this year is to learn more vocabulary. I have a part-time job in a supermarket so I can
English. This is very useful. I have a notebook and I write down the new words that I hear. Each morning I look at the words in my notebook,
them out loud and then try to write them from memory. During the day, I try to use some of the new words.
vocabulary helps me to make Kiwi friends.

Yan (from China)
, so I don't have much confidence when speaking English.
very shy. My goal this year is to improve my speaking and listening.
this by talking to my neighbour every day. I will think of some questions to ask him about my neighbourhood.
chatting. When he understands my poor English I feel really good.

Desta (from Ethiopia)
a hairdressing course. The course has a lot of reading and writing, so my goal is to improve my reading and writing skills. This summer I enrolled in a special writing course.
helped me. Each day there was homework and the teacher corrected my writing and showed me how to improve it. Now, every evening I write about my day. I keep a journal and write down interesting things that have happened. It will help me to get ready for the hairdressing course.

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