Jada: “Within 2 weeks my employer offered me a promotion”

What have you been able to achieve since completing Hospitality course at MSL?

Within hospitality I’ve learned practically everything there is to know about front house, back then it was a bit hard to understand and to keep up with, but now I know what needs to be done. So that’s one thing I’ve achieved. So now I just come on and I know what needs to be done, I know what needs to be set up and this is with the help of MSL.

What changes have you noticed in yourself since completing your hospo studies with MSL?

The changes I noticed are being able to talk to people. I have more confidence. Also being able to greet people. Just being able to rely on myself and show up on time.

My job title is Duty Manager.

This isn’t a title that is given out to anyone; it is something I’ve had to work for. I started out in front of house, and then within 2 weeks my employer offered me a promotion. At first I was in shock, because I wasn’t ready for it [Duty Manager], but over time I learned. It became a habit and I got used to it.

The responsibilities of my job vary as I look after shifts. When it is a busy shift I put everyone to a job and I make sure everyone has their job sorted and they are keeping up with it to make sure they are getting it done. Jada agrees that she is a hands-on manager and balances her various responsibilities all while ensuring everything runs smoothly.

What did you like about your tutor and why?

I liked my tutor. My tutor had very high expectations and although we had our own standards, she made sure we were learning at a high level.

What advice would you give to other young woman looking to study?

I would just encourage to them to keep going on, if they’re not ready for employment or wanting to up skill even though you are working. A good place to start is to think about studying, for me it was MSL. There are a lot of opportunities so just go for it.

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