Christine: “Having studied at MSL opened a lot of doors and opportunities”

How did the course help prepare you for your job and why?

Before coming to MSL, I tried applying for retail jobs but didn’t get it because I didn’t have the right qualifications or experience. I have always had a passion for beauty, cosmetics and fragrance so I knew the retail industry would be perfect for me. My niece in-law worked for Farmers so when she left she recommended I apply for a role there. Together with the help of MSL I was able do the interview where I was honest about my situation and I could use some of the knowledge I had on beauty and I got a job offer soon after.

My tutor Lila, is helpful. She takes the time to make sure I understand. She helped me to do my CV and get me ready for my interview. I also got help from Patrick who believed in me when I first started with MSL. The staff are all very helpful and that helped me to be confident.

Have you studied before MSL? What would you say makes MSL different from other studying experiences you’ve had.

MSL is the first course I’ve done since coming to NZ. I have degree level qualifications in my home country but they are not recognised here so I needed to do a course. I decided to study with MSL.

I found that MSL was honest. They didn’t put me in any course. I came to MSL wanting to study English but when I came in straight away I was told no, you would be better to look at another course because my English was very good. They look at you and what you are good at, instead of putting me anywhere. That’s when I came to Manukau and started the retail course. I am very happy because I just started in March and now I have a job too, but I told my manager that I want to concentrate on studying first and they are happy to work around me.

What advice would you give other women thinking about studying at MSL Training?

I believe in MSL and I like how it is. I told my friends and now they are doing the English course at Botany.

Having studied at MSL opened a lot of doors and opportunities.

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