Kailash: “I felt was MSL had a family feel from the students and the tutor”

What motivated you to study here at MSL Training?

I owned and operated my own business which was a Fruit & Vege store in Otahuhu. I’d be doing that for 21 years. I decided to retire.

Not long after I realised I wanted to work again so I tried applying for retail jobs. Even though I had run my own business and had plenty of experience, employers wouldn’t take me because I didn’t have any qualifications. One day I was looking and I came across MSL and visited the Manukau campus where I enrolled into the Retail course.

Manukau was perfect for me as it was close to home.

What do you like about your tutor and why?

My tutor was Lila. I liked that Lila was always willing to talk and she was always very helpful. Even though I left MSL, Lila still keeps in contact and always checks to see what we are doing.

I found that my English was not very good but Lila always made the effort, like explaining and giving examples which made things easier to understand.

What have you been able to achieve since completing your course?

When I finished the course, I was able to get into a job. Some of the important things I learned was how to greet and talk to customers. I learned how to understand the needs of customers.

What makes MSL different to other study experiences you have had?

I had studied at Ignite. The difference I felt was MSL had a family feel from the students and the tutor. I also enjoyed the smaller and diverse class.

 What advice would you give others who are thinking about studying at MSL Training?

What you already know might not always be enough. Coming to MSL you learn things you didn’t know and you get to meet new people. By meeting new people you get to know and understand other cultures.

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