MSL Retail Course student


Shaira: “Now I know how to deal with customers and do point of sales operations at the time same with confidence”

How did you find out about MSL Customer Service Course?

My husband came across MSL online. I wanted to do a retail course and he suggested MSL.

How did the course help prepare you for your retail job and why?

MSL helped prepared me for understanding and knowing how to deal and interact with customers. I had little experience in retail beforehand as I was working in the back in the warehouse making children’s educational toys for the past 6 years. At times we would have sales which meant that we had to deal with customers, but that wasn’t often. Now I know how to deal with customers and do point of sales operations at the time same with confidence. I also learnt the importance of personal presentation. No matter the environment that you’re working in, it’s important to make an effort and be well presented. It’s good to set a good example.

Have you studied before MSL? What would you say makes MSL different from other studying experiences you’ve had.

I’ve not done any studying before. What I do know is that MSL is very family orientated. They were very understanding of me given that I am a mother. I’ve had my challenges but MSL were very supportive, even letting me bring my children in when I couldn’t find a sitter – just so I could do my work. My husband has studied before (uni) and neither him or I have ever heard of a place that would allow such a thing (allowing kids onsite so students can complete their work) and I am so grateful.

What advice would you give other Mums thinking about studying Retail or Hospitality at MSL Training?

I would say that you have to focus and really know what you want. Sometimes life can get the best of you but you have to push through. My children are my motivation and I want to do good by myself and them.

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