Tala: “My retail qualification from MSL helped me to stand out. I was also promoted which I am proud of.”

How did you find out about MSL?

I was looking for a retail course and came across MSL while searching online. I didn’t know what the retail course was about. The only thing I was certain about was my goal of working  in retail and my passion for clothing. Someday I’d love to design my own clothes, but I’d love to gain the experience of working in retail first.

How did the course help prepare you for your job and why?

I had no experience or knowledge of what it took to work in retail. During my time at MSL I was able to learn important skills such as dealing with difficult customers, roleplays, cash handling, which I’ve already seen pay off through my recent promotion. Now I am a Store Manager at Shosha Otahuhu.

My tutor has always been really helpful. If there was something I didn’t understand, he would take the time to communicate it to me in a way I could relate to or find easier to understand.

There were other staff but they came through with experience in other areas. I was the only person who had studied retail  and this gave me the upper hand and helped me to stand out from other staff.

My Manager was really persistent and trained me constantly about what he knew. Even then I was still able to bring across things that I had learned which even he (Manager) wasn’t aware of.

Have you studied before MSL? What would you say makes MSL different from other studying experiences you’ve had.

I had done an Electrical Engineering course which was something my dad wanted me to do. From the age of 17 years I knew I always wanted to work in retail so I left half way through the semester to follow my dream.

What advice would you give other young women thinking about studying at MSL Training?

Don’t be afraid to go for what you want. Focus on your work, always be on time – keep up with work and try not to miss a day of work. Don’t fall behind. Pay attention to what tudors are teaching, because what they are saying will end up helping up when you get that job.

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